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Tom Michalik Builders, LLC

 About Us 

Value, quality and service are the way we set the standard of excellence for others to follow. Undertaking a renovation project is a very personal experience, with almost all of our clients living in their residence while the construction process takes place. These conditions can be difficult without an experienced staff to help minimize the inconvenience.

Each of our full-time employees has substantial experience, specifically in the remodeling field. They are hired with the aspiration of a long-term relationship with the company. A specific set of guidelines is followed when in a clients home. These craftsmen are truly quality people of good character and I can honestly say everyone we have worked with has enjoyed having them in their home. As a company, we are blessed to have them.

Our subcontractors are also a valuable asset. The relationship we have is the result of many years of development. They are professionals, understanding what is expected of them, and they fulfill those expectations in quality work and demeanor.

While the construction proceeds, the work environment is kept positive. The attitude is one of cooperation between all subcontractors and full-time employees. Everyone knows one another quite well, as they have worked together many times before.

Our company and employees understand the value of keeping the job organized, and ready for each facet of the construction process. The subcontractors are prompt and complete their work prudently because they are aware the job is ready for them when they arrive, and payment is timely when their work is completed. This has proven to create an efficiently run renovation-remodeling project.

Throughout the project, full-time employees called "Lead Carpenters" and our "Production Manager", will be accountable and responsible for the job while completing the assigned work. At any time, if they are unable to answer a question that may arise about the project, they will defer to me, and I will take responsibility at that point.

All employees of our company are expected to perform their duties and assignments in a manner, which reflects the utmost of their skills. Employees are expected to exemplify this quality of professionalism to our customers.

The intention is to make the renovation project, although realistically inconvenient during construction, one that gives years of enjoyment, both in use and in memory as a significant event in your life.

Tom Michalik Builders LLC
1500 Kings Hwy. N., Suite 210C
Cherry Hill, NJ  08034
Phone: (856)857-9265