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Home Maintenance Checklist

Check List Download

We all know that we should have a yearly health physical with our primary care physician.  Some of us do schedule this appointment and the others who don’t…should.  The early detection of a health problem is vital in the overall, health, care, and maintenance of our bodies.  Like wise, there are monthly, quarterly and yearly inspections that should be conducted at our home to avoid more costly problems down the road.

   Tom Michalik Builders has prepared the enclosed Home Inspection Checklist that can be photocopied and then used by you to inspect, detect, and correct problems at your home; or have our professionals accomplish any other items for you.

    Our craftsmen, and/or our licensed professional subcontractors can correct any home problems.  And always remember, Tom Michalik Builders has been in business in the Cherry Hill area for over thirty-seven years.  We are a licensed New Jersey Home Improvement company, (13VH00586400) and we earn our reputation one client at a time through professional, skilled, and reliable employees producing an outstanding work product.

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